“Tenderness may be the most powerful force in the Universe.”

That’s a quote from our rockstar guest, Brooke Thomas. Join James and I as we get deep (squishy, yummy, raw, and real) with podcaster, Rolfer, movement educator, truth-seeker, and all around super cool chic, Brooke Thomas. Brooke is the co-creator of the podcast Bliss + Grit and the founder of the now completed Liberated Body podcast. And she is SO, SO, SO much more!

If you LOVE teaching this episode is going to make you light up, weep, and LOVE what you do from a whole new level. If you’re luke warm about teaching (whether you always have been — you’re probably not a TPP listener, but we’ll let that go for now — or you’re just currently luke warm) you won’t be for long. BT (as James and I now lovingly refer to her) is going to gently draw you out of yourself and help you realize that being with other people in the most ordinary and human way, with tenderness, sacredness, and affection is a true gift.

Ah! And I give too much away. 🙂


You won’t be disappointed.

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About Brooke Thomas

Brooke Thomas has been in practice as a manual therapist (Rolfing practitioner) and movement educator since 2000. She is also the creator of the Liberated Body podcast. Her work is devoted to uncovering and celebrating how truly wondrous our bodies are; These gorgeous organisms that connect us to our deepest clarity, our world, and each other.

Brooke came to embodiment after growing up with physical and neurological challenges related to a birth injury. This made her body an uncomfortable place to be, and therefore one that was convenient to ignore until a health crisis in her early 20’s challenged her to heal.

Since coming home to her body, Brooke has discovered that there is so much more than simply “feeling better”, and that cultivating a relationship with the body can allow one’s whole life to unfold in a more clear and alive way.

Brooke dedicates her work with gratitude to her teachers: Kiran Trace, Judith Blackstone, Reggie Ray, Tami Simon, Amma, and Grace Bell.

More about Bliss + Grit.

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