That’s where we need to start to support people, is letting the lid come off — and you’re grounded in your training that never goes away, we are all grounded in our training — but let your personal vision and philosophy and life experience come through in how you teach. And let’s not judge each other for that, let’s support each other in that because there are clients who are going to need each of us. There’s a client who needs each of you who wouldn’t hear what I’m saying because they need YOUR life experience, not mine.

Jessica Valant

Founder, Jessica Valant Pilates, PMA Board Member

We are on a serious roll this season and episode three is no exception. Our guest Jessica Valant is so much more than she seems, full of thoughtful wisdom about owning multiple business, how to balance work and family, taking the future of her profession into her own hands, and promoting a true celebration of movement and Pilates.

Jessica shares with us her experience training as a PT and quickly becoming a Pilates teacher, what it was like to move to Hawaii and back again while simultaneously starting a family, launching several clinics then taking a majority of it into the online sphere. There are a lot of gems in this one and we hope you’ll mine it for all it’s worth.

Jessica and her husband are also the founders of Momentum Fest, which we talk about toward the end of our chat. Learn more about how it came to be and what it is.

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We are proud to present our first sponsor EVER, Momentum Fest, a new festival in celebration of Pilates and movement. Momentum Fest makes its debut this coming summer, June 22 -24, in Denver, CO with a wonderful lineup of teachers and classes.

Check out all of the opportunities, more details, the full line up and get your tickets HERE.

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