It’s a whole new season and we are READY to CELEBRATE!

In this first episode of Season 2, Debora, James and I go deep into the juicy, fuzzy, feel good realm of celebrating and what it means to celebrate our bodies, ourselves, our practices and just plain being alive.

We have so many wonderful NEW things in store for you in season 2 including new music (thank you Joseph Quinn of Pilates Metrics for lending us your musical talents), a new (updated) website — — which is SO close to being ready for you :), a new sassy logo (also almost ready ;), new ways to support us (if you love us) including sponsorships, and more ways to get involved with the podcast and the three of us.

But…let’s stick to what’s most important and that’s this wonderful podcast. We hope you love it. We’re sure you will. Listen all the way through because there’s lots of great stuff here.

More Celebrators from our Facebook Inquiry

What are you celebrating in your practice in 2018?

Bill Eggleston – I will celebrate entering my 3rd year of practice. I will be 57 in May and have never been in better shape. 50# lost along with several waist sizes. More importantly; as a suicide survivor, Pilates has given me confidence and a feeling of being centered and in control I have never felt. I’m hooked!

Amy Havens – Simplicity

Bonnie Lafave – Freedom!!!!

Darya Bronston – Curiosity Wonder and Consistency

Meredith Rogers – Ease

Jenn Powell – Movement every day. Also, continuous learning – about myself, my clients and the work. Remember above all – make it fun.

Lori Marselle Winslow – Progress over perfection

Susan Sommers – How did I a girl who could never even do a cartwheel who ran a business in the N.Y. Garment Center become a Pilates teacher? How amazing it is to me to not only teach movement but to continually work on finding freedom in movement within myself and encourage it in ithers. This to me is a great celebration even though I still can’t do a cartwheel!

Nicky Maloney – Self Care. Self Exploration. Self Love.

Lisa K. Gibson – That I can still make a difference

Kelly Vincent Recktenwald – Rediscovery

April Underwood Burmester – Curiosity and Joy in movement!

Iris Cheung – Practice in an embodied way. Sensing the connections within the body that enhance the spacious feeling within the body …. Aware that connections between one another, and between the environment. This is a lesson for me about respect people and the environment …. And, I believe that I’m not alone

Cameron Macdonald – The peace that every time i take a breath in and out…as it travels the 9inches from my head down to my heart and branches off from there in splendid, awakening and tingling ways…proves that i am present and in the moment. And this is something i can share with others if its just for the day!

Sabrina Ellen Svard – This is pretty “windy” but here is my two cents!!!

Pilates and Life are all about making critical connections. First, one must connect to yourself, your own internal thought process, movement process and what inhibits the self from making critical connections to move and move forward with ease and joy. None of these connections can be made externally or with the periphery. They must be made internally and move from the inside out. This is true in Pilates and in Life.

With so many ills and evils in the world today, one must turn inside to find joy and celebration. All those critical connections in your life: family, friends, colleagues, furry creatures, one must hold near and dear to your heart and insides.

Send love and light to those external forces challenging your internal critical connections and hold tight to every dear one around you. The stronger one is on the inside, the stronger one can be to buffer those outside forces determined to steal your joy.

Every breath is a celebration. Every day is a celebration. Start your celebration on the inside and take it to all the outsides around you. Peace.

Alison Banks Crouch – I celebrate community.

A community of wonderful people who gather in person at the studio to share an experience of glee in movement and support each other in their everyday lives.
A generous community of movers and teachers all over the world from whom I learn, and who really GET just how much I love to teach and to explore my body moving through space.

A community of friends and family who sometimes move with me and sometimes think I’m just a bit nuts, but they love me anyway.

A community of people who are silently, unknowingly, unwittingly connected by small acts of kindness and sharing. When the big picture is overwhelming and cold, they all make the world a better, warmer, safer place to be.

Our Episode Sponsor

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Spoiler Alert! We’ll be talking with Momentum Founder and Pilates entrepreneur Jessica Valant in an upcoming episode of the podcast, so look for that.

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