Part 3 –  the final part in our Introduction series.

In this third section of our first episode we dive in to the topic of “clearing the clutter” from our heads in order to teach from a place of greater confidence, less self-doubt and more simplicity. We explore what kinds of clutter we can be plagued with as teachers and what we might do to combat it.

The Thinking Pilates Podcast is a conversation and exploration of the rich layers of teaching Pilates beyond just technique. Author, mentor, coach and master teacher trainer Chantill Lopez, founder of,  along with master teacher trainer and mentor Debora Kolwey, of the Pilates Center in Boulder, CO, take on topics like: building confidence, the philosophy of teaching, the importance of personal practice and self-inquiry, student-centered teaching and empathetic coaching, how to build healthy student-teacher relationships, and how to balance the demands of work and life without burnout.

You will also find interviews with teachers from around the world chatting with Chantill about ALL the under-emphasized missing links that Pilates teachers are dying to hear more about. Listen and go deeper. You are sure to learn something about yourself, what kind of teacher you want to be, what your true purpose is and understand better what teaching really requires of us if we want to do it for the long run.